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Bookable Tourism is here to help you get on track in finding the best system for your business. Beyond booking technology, Bookable Tourism also provides you access to learning about how to best market your tourism product in building simple and effective sales, distribution and marketing strategies using Consumer Journey Mapping and Personas. 

We provide a variety of ways for you to access information on how to purchase booking technology. Whether you need on-demand online learning, guided learning or 1:1 face to face consulting. We are here to help you choose the most relevant booking system for you and back it up with a great strategy to reach your customers.  

How To Choose a Booking System.

Want the confidence that you are choosing the best booking software or you and your team? This on-demand course provides you the step-by-step framework and templates to ensure that the booking system you purchase meets your business needs and your customer wants.

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Ticketing & Booking System Procurement Services.

Navigating the complexities of ticketing and booking system procurement can be overwhelming. Bookable Tourism is here to simplify the process for you and take the heavy lifting.

Designed to guide your business through the process and help you choose the best option for your business and customers.

With our deep understanding of the tourism sector's unique needs, we're perfectly positioned to help you find a best-fit booking system.

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Bookable Ready Program

The Bookable Ready Program helps regions educate and become 'bookable'. 

At the end of this tourism businesses will:

Know who their ideal customer are.

Have a marketing and distribution strategy (including timelines, budgets and KPIs).

Started the process of sourcing a best-fit booking system.

The ability to build nett rates, contract and work with Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and traditional distribution.

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Public Speaking

Talking about all things tourism technology, connectivity and distribution and how these all work together to meet consumers in the channels they prefer to book.

Having the great conversations around innovation in travel technology and leading the way to modernise the tourism industry.

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Meet Meredith

With over 20 years of experience in the Tourism Industry, Meredith has made significant contributions across hotels, tours, attractions, and travel technology sectors. Her roles have spanned sales and marketing, both B2B and B2C, working with hotels, resorts, attractions, and booking technology platforms. Throughout her career, Meredith observed a common challenge among tourism operators: the desire to implement a connected booking system but uncertainty about where to begin. Meredith has successfully guided hundreds of businesses through the installation of new systems and coached them on mastering the distribution process. This includes navigating the complexities of nett rates, travel acronyms, and leveraging total reach distribution to their advantage. As a former head of digital marketing for a global technology company, she is passionate about demystifying marketing strategies for tourism operators. Meredith believes in the power of consumer journey mapping to develop and execute effective marketing strategies easily. For Meredith, tourism is not just a career but a passion. She defines success by the ability of tourism operators to deliver phenomenal experiences to their guests. She views tourism as a unique industry that enables travellers to learn, open their minds, build tolerance, and foster understanding. Meredith is here to play her part in facilitating thate,

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What is a Booking System for Tours and Activities?  

A booking system is a software platform that allows tour operators to manage and streamline the process of taking tour bookings from customers.

It typically includes features such as:

Tour itinerary management: create, update, and manage the details of each tour, such as dates, prices, and available spaces.

Customer database: store and access information about customers, including their contact details, previous bookings, and preferences.

Online booking: allow customers to book tours directly through your website, entering their information and making payment securely.

Reservation management: easily manage the status of each booking, update availability, and assign tour guides.

Payment processing: accept payments from customers and manage the financial side of your tour business, including invoicing and accounting.

By using a booking system, tour operators can automate and streamline many of the tasks involved in taking and managing bookings, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of their business.

Bookable Tourism's Values


Provide small businesses with access to training & content to educate them on best practice tech, marketing and sales strategies.


To enable businesses to be sustainable with solid strategies in place with realistic plans and achievable goaIs.



To provide businesses with templates and structures that they can model on, year-on-year.


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