Need help sourcing a new ticketing or booking software?

Sometimes we need help and let's face it, Booking Systems can be complex and knowing absolutely everything you need can be time consuming and resource heavy. Bookable Tourism takes the heavy lifting out of the process for you and frees up your team to do their roles. 

With experience including a career in tourism businesses as well as booking/ticketing technology, allows for deep insight (and guidance) for your teams as we navigate sourcing a new technology partner.

Bookable Tourism works with a variety of booking and ticketing platforms and is constantly reviewing new systems from around the world. Bookable Tourism does not receive commissions from any technology platform and is agnostic. The goal is to find the best-fit system for your business.

In developing a "Request for Proposal (RFP)" includes:

  • Full requirement gathering on granular level.
  • Meeting with each key stakeholder to gather their requirements.
  • RFP development and documentation.
  • RFP distribution and liaison.
  • Vendor shortlisting and demo coordination.
  • Deep dive coordination (if required).
  • Referee follow up
  • Contract and agreement coordination.
  • Handover to relevant project managers.

Sample Project Timeline*

*Project timelines varies between scale of the business.

Sample RFP Timeline for sourcing a new ticketing and booking systems

Bookable Tourism is committed to modernising the tourism industry through helping businesses source cutting-edge, connected, and innovative technology. Technology partners who are built to support your business growth both now and well into the future.

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Bookable Tourism takes 4 RFP development projects per year. Currently taking enquiries for projects starting from October 2024.