The Bookable Tourism Story

Bookable Tourism is access to technology, marketing and distribution knowledge and processes for ALL tourism businesses, both small and large. 

Having worked in tourism (hotels and attractions)  and travel technology for nearly 20 years, Meredith decided that these small businesses needed access to learning about marketing strategy and campaign templates that was simple and actionable in their own businesses and Bookable Tourism was born.

What started as consulting work, and with the interruption of covid, it became clear that the messages to tourism operators but all the government authorities was to get online. However the feedback from the operators was, “great to know, but how do we do that?”. Having worked in a Booking System start up and helping hundreds of operators implement a new system, “How to choose a booking system” workshops were developed and began role out throughout 2020.

Businesses know diversity can be key to offset risk, and that having a vision, strategy and goals are important elements to reach their potential. Many operators are missing an important ally in their sales process which can help streamline operations and aid in converting opportunities into sales: a booking system and supporting software ecosystem.

Bookable Tourism is here to empower Tourism businesses to start the process of finding booking software and to educate them with simple ways to build effective sales and marketing strategies. 


Why choose Bookable Tourism

We know tourism inside and out. We live it and breathe it. We look to trends and opportunities and educate others on this. We enable businesses to become the best version of themselves so they can run optimally.

We worked in booking system tech and have seem all types of ways businesses source systems.  We  have refined the process for you, so you ensure that you find the best system to meet your business and customer needs.  We work with booking systems, distribution partners  and keep abreast with the ever evolving technology and connectivity landscape.

We provide insights into booking technologies so that tourism operators can improve the visibility of their experience to customers.  We are all about upskilling. We make building marketing strategies simple and easy to understand (you don't need a degree!). 

If you need consulting in choosing a new booking system, we take capacity out of your team with a streamlined approach. You access booking technology expertise with a tourism background. We are not an IT person (though understand what IT needs!).

Meet Meredith

With 20 years experience in the Tourism Industry across hotels, tours, attractions and travel technology, I have specialised in distribution and marketing, and the past 8 years, I delved into booking technology as a solution to streamlining connectivity between supplier and distribution and meeting customer expectations.

I develop customer first marketing strategies which result in higher conversion and sales opportunities, because at the end of the day, I know that tourism operators need to sell seats in order for them to keep doing what they love each and every day.

Throughout my career, I have assisted a multitude of businesses select and successfully install new booking and ticketing technology. My goal to reach is 100% of tourism businesses with a connected booking system installed.

A big goal? Yes. But as an industry, I believe we can get there.

Founder of Bookable Tourism - Meredith Rangel

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