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Booking System Workshops

Public Speaking

Bookable Tourism is leading the charge in the modernisation of the tourism industry through technology and digitisation. We tackle pressing issues, such as the industry's slow adoption of digital solutions and the broader implications beyond just lost bookings

Keynote topics include: 

  • Are we, as an industry, stifling our own innovation? 
  • Using technology to meet the customer where they are.
  • How the experiences sector can help your region convert.

Breakout session topics include:

  • How to choose a booking system.
  • An introduction to tech and distribution


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Think of Experience This! as a global community for the Experiences Industry. Each Show, through whatever channel and format, will be hosted by our opinionated industry thought leaders, usually Lori Timony, Insightful International, Christian Watts, Magpie Travel and Bruce Rosard, Arival.

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