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Booking Automation from TourConnectAI for Tours and Activities

Booking Automation is here!

activities booking system fareharbor tours Mar 01, 2023

Attention all tour operators and activity providers!

TourConnect has released a new Booking Automation tool to help tour operators and activity providers who are manually entering email bookings. At this stage, the tool is connected to FareHarbor (who by the way have just released their new website - you can check it out here) and Ventrata only. More connections are to come, so stay tuned.

The tool is an email add-in that sits alongside your emails. The tool takes the booking information from the email and when you click on "prefill from email" (see below), the booking information automatically populates into the form.

You can check the form and make any amendments, if required, before hitting the "Book Now" button.

The booking then is entered straight into your booking system.

And that's it! It is that simple.

Having worked with companies that receive hundreds of email bookings (predominantly from trade partners - who need to review their tech and their processes as no one wants more emails!), this tool is a game changer. It can save hours of work per week, allowing many tour operators and activity providers to utilise their staff on other tasks as opposed to endless admin.

The pricing is pretty straight forward and based on volume. The team at TourConnectAI have made a handy table to show the time savings per year by using the tool. To view the time savings and the pricing for this tool, you can review here

Interested? You sign up directly here.

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