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ResPax Booking System aquires Livn

BREAKING NEWS: ResPax acquires Livn

activities booking system distribution livn respax technology tour operator tours Aug 07, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the exciting news that the Australian-owned booking system, ResPax, has successfully acquired Livn, an online B2B wholesaler in the tourism industry.

The recent news of Livn World being placed into administration sent shockwaves throughout the tourism sector. With their specialisation in the experiences sector, which includes tours, activities, and attractions, and their valuable contracts with Flight Centre Australia, Google Things to do, airlines, cruises, and various online travel agencies, the industry was left pondering what the future would hold without Livn.

Tony Bridgewater, the CEO of ResPax, shed light on the situation by stating, "ResPax has been a longstanding supporter of Livn as early investors, and we have always maintained a close working relationship. When the opportunity to acquire Livn arose, it became evident that our missions and dedication to serving the experiences sector were perfectly aligned. We are thrilled to continue supporting our industry, fostering growth, and raising industry awareness."

Rest assured, it's business as usual for both companies, and this includes all operators who have contracts with Livn. This smooth transition ensures that Flight Centre and other stakeholders can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the valuable connections and investment with Livn will persist, enabling continued growth.

For those unfamiliar with ResPax, take the time to discover more about them and their contributions to the industry. You can learn about them here. This exciting union marks a promising chapter for the experiences sector, as ResPax and Livn World embark on a shared journey of success and innovation.


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