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New features for Tours and Activities Booking Systems

New features for Tours and Activities Booking Systems

booking system fareharbor newfeatures rezdy rezgo Sep 01, 2022

There is nothing that excites us more in reading and seeing new features being released. 

It means that there are some great dev teams out there working hard to try and make your businesses run more smoothly and improve the consumer journey for your customers.

Here is a breakdown of some exciting features that have been released for the Tours and Activities sector.


Be still our hearts. FINALLY a well rounded resource management tool that has actual seats attached to it has been developed!

Check out Rezgo's new resources feature 

This allows businesses who have a resource (vehicle, boat etc) that has capacity (seats) to now be able to actually see how many seats have been sold from that resource on any given day and departure. This is great news for tours who have multiple vehicles with different capacities as you can allocate vehicles to specific departures and move these around accordingly. I expect that companies such as Ballooning companies will weep tears of joy as this feature (and it's granularity)  is a must have in order to operate.


Fareharbor have been kicking some major goals recently with some great features being released, that make it easier for your customer and also for your tour company.

They recently announced the release of Tap to Pay on iPhone via the Fareharbor mobile app. You can make bookings, accept payment (via digital wallet and credit card) and check customers in using your iPhone. Learn more here.

This is great for businesses who operate tour desks and/or accept walk ups at departures. With short lead times, this is great for those businesses who don't take payment at time of booking, and can now process payments on arrival with a simple tap.

In an increase in security, you can now also log into the Fareharbor app (Android only) via fingerprint scanning. It is the most simple and secure way to quickly get into the app.

They announced they are working on offline QR code scanning capabilities (IOS only) which is great for our regional and remote businesses who don't always have the most reliable internet connectivity.

They are also working on ticket printing (Android only) so you can print theatre style tickets with a portable, Bluetooth printer.

Learn more here.

Watch this space.


BULK REFUNDS!!! Can I say it any louder! 

Refunds can make anyone make a long drawn out sigh. They take time (going one by one) and with that there can be delays. If you are a business large enough to have a finance person who can manage these, then great, however if you are a small or sole owner business, then there really can be delays as this gets added to your never ending admin list.

Well, sad sigh no more! Rezdy offer bulk refunds. So in a simple click, you can refund everyone on a departure that no longer went ahead (for whatever reason). SO much time saved and so many happy, hopefully to return, customers.

Also, don't forget that you can accept payments via Rezdy Pay via Google Pay, Apple Pay and Alipay (fee's apply for Alipay). If you haven't set this up, then this is a must have! No one likes getting up to find their credit card.

Learn more here.


We love seeing the hard work these booking systems are doing to help make running your business easier and helping you find your customers.

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