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Online Booking Systems Rezdy an Checkfront Merger

Rezdy and Checkfront Merger

booking system checkfront partnerships rezdy technology Jul 27, 2023

Checkfront and Rezdy have successfully merged in a ground breaking deal, officially closing on June 15. This landmark agreement represents the most significant consolidation in the tours and activities tech industry since 2018, when acquired FareHarbor and TripAdvisor acquired Bokun.

The decision to merge has been brewing for almost five years, with both companies recognising their complementary strengths and shared commitment to industry growth. Despite COVID-related delays, the recovery of the businesses and the industry provided a compelling case for their collaboration.

While the exact value of the deal remains undisclosed, it stands as one of the largest tours and activities tech mergers to date. Both Checkfront and Rezdy will continue to operate as separate brands, ensuring stability and maintaining their high standards of customer support and service.

The united focus of the merger centres on enhancing customer experience and introducing new features to the market. Both companies are dedicated to delivering a seamless and improved platform for tour operators, reaffirming their commitment to the industry and their valued relationships.

Remarkably, this merger stands out as the largest privately-owned, independent reservation technology company, setting it apart from previous acquisitions. The strategic independence of the company is seen as a unique advantage within the industry, allowing greater flexibility and focus on operator needs.

The debate surrounding the independence of reservation technology systems remains a topic of discussion. As OTA bookings continue to be a fast-growing channel for online bookings, the merger's implications on further market consolidation are being closely observed. Given the scarcity of companies with similar scale, it may be some time before we witness further mergers or substantial deals in the market.

This merger is a big deal for the tours and activities tech industry. It brings new opportunities and a stronger commitment to serving operators all over the world. We can expect exciting things to happen in the coming year, and it's something to watch closely.


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