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Change is afoot: Updates from the Rezdy, Checkfront and Regiondo Merger

booking system checkfront fareharbor regiondo rezdy Feb 27, 2024

You may recall the announcement last year of the merger between three major players – Rezdy, Checkfront, and Regiondo – and the following, what seemingly felt like silence while they “sorted things out” including some quiet redundancies. There is news that they are currently going through a restructuring process. The most recent news as broken by Arival is that the CEO of Rezdy Chris Atkin, and COO of Checkfront Mark Holder who were major brokers behind the merger, are both moving on. At this point, Oliver Nützel, CEO of Regiondo, remains part of the new organisation. So who is the new CEO overseeing this massive change? Interestingly it is Mark Loh, formerly of FareHarbor.

Interestingly, Mark Loh's resume including both VP of global product and chief product officer at FareHarbor, is the involvement of Lawrence Hester, co-founder and former CEO of FareHarbor, as a "special limited partner" with Vertica Capital Partners. Who are they you may ask? They are the private equity firm reported to have invested upwards of $150 million to facilitate the consolidation process. Interesting indeed.

So now this major news has come out, what is to be next? And how does this affect the potentially 17000 clients within their client base? At this point; very little. However, if you are a client, you can be assured that there is some great uplift to the booking platform coming your way and more development work in the pipeline that will take some of the best features from these systems to potentially create a great system. The question is; will it be innovative? Or just another example of modernisation in this industry? 

Only time will tell and at this stage we will sit tight as we monitor the next part of the Rezdy/Checkfront/Regiondo merger. 

As we await further developments, one can't help but ponder potential brand names: Checkrezziando? Rezfrontio? The possibilities are intriguing.

Want to learn more about the merger? Read Arival's breaking article here.

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